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About Me

I am Vignesh, born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, India.

I did Bachelors in Computer Science in the years 2010 -2014 from Velammal Engineering College. I worked for a leading MNC  for some years and in that process, I discovered my passion to teach students. So I resigned my job without having any backup in mind and started teaching students. From the very first month I launched my online course, I never turned back. It has been an unbelievable jouney sofar, training students in the field which I have been living with for the past 10 years. I always enjoyed Computer Science right from high school till today.

Most of my previous students think me as "genius" after attending my 50 hours courses. But the hard fact is I am a very slow learner. I am no where close to be called as genius. But I am a hardworker. I never get satisfied until I get the concepts and the reason behind these concepts. Having taken the hardest path possible to learn the concepts only through my hardwork, I believe I can explain the concepts in the simplest way possible so that even a slow learner like me will be able to understand it. Don't believe me ? I have trained over 20,000+ students in the past year across 125 countries and more than 95% of my students are very happy with my courses. I get appreciation messages everyday from students that they have used my courses to crack interviews, get good marks,get good jobs,etc. And many students of mine got themselves placed in top notch companies like Google, Microsoft,Adobe and they have used my course extensively in their preparation. This gives me immense satisfaction and force me to work even harder. 

I don’t have a traditional background in CS. Your course helped me get a general overview of what’s happening under the hood. I took a lot of notes from your course. Also, you explained it in such a way that was not intimidating. You have a very relaxed demeanor when you teach, which allows me to relax, too. I was actually soaking in everything! The first few videos introduced turn-around time, etc. along with the CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive and how they relate to each other. I think this was a good start for people who did not completely understand this, like myself. Excellent course! I will be looking out for more!

Lerena Holloway

Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP, Greater New York City Area

It was taught really well, sir. I tried various different OS courses before, on Youtube and several other platforms, but couldn’t find a good one, which I could understand properly, as I didnt had any earlier experience with that topic. But then I tried your course and I absolutely enjoyed it as it was taught from very basics and in detailed manner.  I dont know what would I have done in exam, if I didnt came across your course, sir.

Jash J Merchant

B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

I took Operating systems course by tutor vignesh. I really liked his way of explaining the things, all concepts so hard made all clear. Even after months of taking his course I still remember those. All because of the example and questions solved during lectures. Anybody thinking to have a good hold on OS for placements or for academia highly recommended.I am preparing for my job interviews. Taking these courses was very helpful.I am also planning to invest in database courses.

Tina Oberoi

Student, IIT Roorkee , Intern at Microsoft, India

Vignesh is a tremendously talented instructor. His knowledge is successfully conveyed via a stellar personality and ability to grasp complex concepts and present them to a wider audience

Rick Archuleta

Director Technical Support, Cenium ERP,Littleton, Colorado, United States

I took couses on operating systems and databases taught by vignesh and they were absolutely fantastic .he taught everything from very basic level and now my basic concepts are crystal clear.Thanks for his efforts for making such a content

Prathap Reddy

Btech, Computer Science , IIT Madras, India

Actually I wanted to brush up the OS topics. It’s been a long time I looked into it. So thought of going thru a course and I came across yours. It was really nice!!!To be honest one of the best courses I have learnt and your concepts were crystal clear ??

Jameel Ahamed C S

DevOps Engineer , Tin Roof Software, Greater Atlanta Area, USA

I am 3rd year ECE undergraduate student from National Institute of Engineering,Mysore,Karnataka. I had completed DBMS-1,DBMS-2 Today I started with OS …Even I recommended your courses to my friends..Even they are appreciating your teaching. You are doing great job sir… the videos are too good,expecting some more courses from you??

Shriganesh Hegde

ECE undergraduate student, The National Institute Of Engineering, Mysore

Vignesh is a great teacher, I bought his theory of computation course seeking for help with my studies and I can definitely say I found it! With clear language, relevant resources and smooth development from topic to topic he showed real professionalism and dedication to his work. Additionally, he was always available to answer questions to the fullest and provide more reading materials where needed. I would recommend him to anyone looking to gain computer science skills efficiently and effectively.

Glakho Robakidze

Computer Science student, City, University Of London,Greater London, United Kingdom

Vignesh has an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and explains everything in an easy and comprehensive way. He is approachable and addresses queries until the resolution has been reached. I have learned a lot from his courses and I want to take his future courses as well. He will be a great asset to the project he aligns too. Thank you Vignesh.

Priyank Jani

Senior Analyst, IT Security, Secureworks, Atlanta, Georgia

I’m going to persue masters and for that i have pre-requisites to complete, among them one is operating systems. And i thought i should complete it before joining so that when my semester starts I will get rid of this OS course by simply giving the exam. I started reading some books but wasn’t that much helpful. Though books are great resources for studies but human intersection also plays a vital role. So i stated OS course provided by Vignesh, and after completion of that i have pretty good understanding on OS. Really Vignesh sir is a great tutor. I appreciated most of the times. Good to learn. One thing I most like of him is that he repeats most of the concepts every time so that we don’t need to go back and have a glimpse of that.

Satish Ahuja

Assistant System Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services, Nagpur, India

Helped me by explaining all the basics and how it actually work behind the scene in a very simple and perfect way.. it is pretty good for enhancing the knowledge especially for us cs graduates who forgot most of the knowledge and basics, and correcting some terminology we actually misunderstood..

Noora Abdullah

Software Engineer, SAFCSP, Saudi Arabia

The instructor’s peculiarity is the ability to explain complex topics in simple and clear way, repeatedly returning to the already completed material and repeating the main aspects. The instructor’s aim is not to load you with a bunch of new information, he very intuitively dwells on complex topics and sometimes even explains in too much detail. In the case of operating systems, this technique is absolutely justified!

Andrii Loburets

Senior Data Scientist, Altkom Akademia, Poland

Hello Sir,I came to know you while doing one of your courses on Operating Systems.It is good!Being from a background of electrical engineering but interested in pursuing CS, I believe that I have being grasping the theory in a right way


Data Analyst, EY GDS, Delhi, India

Was so good, actually i had some classes in the university so i want a good way to remind some concepts and you give all what i want. It is complete course which presents all the basic and relevant topics about operative systems. Also, the exercises done are so clear because are explained step by step. Particularly, I like that everything is explained no matter how simple it is which help to understand more easily

Nicolas Ordoñez Chala

Senior Software Engineer, PayU, Bogotá, Colombia

Thanks a lot Vignesh for designing and delivering the operating systems courses! I found your courses very informative and detail oriented. You have a solid understanding of the subject and have an ability to explain complex topics in the easiest way possible, which makes you a great instructor. Also, I am amazed to see your dedication towards teaching, the industry needs more people like you.Thanks!

Saurabh Paliwal

Project Leader, Wipro Technologies, Singapore

I am following your course on operating system. I love the way you teach, the concepts are explained transparent and clear,this is really helpful for person like me who does not have CS background.  I am also wondering do you have a course in computer networks?

Zheng Zou

Quantitative Analyst, J.P. Morgan, New York, USA

Thanks! And thanks for the great courses. I didn’t have a CS background so I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the CS fundamentals now as I try to become a software engineer. 🙂

Nicholas Wong

Software Engineer, CoinTracker, San Francisco, USA

It’s been 10 years since I graduated from computer science. After listening to this lecture, I was able to refresh the main concepts of the operating system. With easy-to-understand explanations, I was able to understand them all at once and help my current work.

Sungwook (Shawn) Baek

iOS Engineer, LINE Pay, Korea

Hello Sir, I have been going through your courses. Wish to thank you for the effort you have gone through to teach in such a wonderful manner 🙂

Suraj K

Software Developer, Siemens Technology, Bangalore, India

Hi Vignesh! I truly appreciate your course of Database. Very well taught. Looking forward for more topics. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

Bhavesh Shah

Data Scientist, Machine Learning, American Prison Data Systems, New York,USA

Vignesh is really good at explaining complex concept and he always tries his best to make sure everyone can understand, which makes learning operating system full of fun along the way.Helped me understand CS better cause I’m from EE. Also may help me in my job interview one day.

Kuan Lyu

Master's degree - Electrical Engineering concentrating on Software Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey,USA

Vignesh methodology used on his online series Discrete Maths are very effective as he starts from the very basics, helping people who are just starting with the subject to gain a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced/abstract concepts.He also includes exercises that help solidify the knowledge and to better understand the topics.Thanks Vignesh!

Sergio Junio Andrade

Application Support Engineer, VUBIQUITY, London, United Kingom

I just started your OS course… What an explanation. Hats off brother.Just wanted to say thank you.I am in the process of job hunting now… I am lucky to get your course online..

Sunil Dora

Senior Engineer, Xilinx, Hyderabad, India

I enjoyed a lot. IT WAS perfect.I bought from course 1 to 4. I watched course 1 and it is perfect. Most of the people in the industry don’t know about under the hood. But it is really needed

Armin Teimouri

Systems Administrator, Bertina Tech Corporation, Iran

It was a nice course for the ones who is new to this topic. Going for masters next year so brushing up the concepts with these courses

Srishti Chadha

System Engineer , IBM, Delhi, India

I had taken Database Management System Courses with Vignesh in preparation for one of my courses. I liked that he simplified complex parts and was very detailed in his explanations for better understanding. This course would help beginners and also experts. I most certainly would recommend this course to anyone who would like to go deep into Database management from scratch to expert level.

Jennifer Ibimina (Peterside) Daniel Onwuchekwa

Quality Management Specialist, CeSAHA, Berlin Area, Germany

Vignesh’s course “operating systems- part 1 “ and “operating systems – part 2 “ are both fantastic courses and I highly recommend them. His systematic approach in explaining difficult concepts in an easy and logical way helped me as a computer science student to excel in this subject.

Daniel Oudmayer

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science, University of South Africa,Johannesburg Area, South Africa

Sir, I just wanna “Thank” You… for the concept of “Paging” and “Page Replacement Algorithms”

Shashi Kamal Chakraborty

Graduate Student,pursuing MCA, Bihar

Hi Vignesh, Your Lectures on Operating system are very very Interesting as you have explained all the concepts very Clearly. I read Books like Gavin on operating systems but they are verbose due to which i couldn’t focus & understand what exactly is explained in the book. And more thing i want to say about Threads Concept, which you have explained very well. Thank you very much for your lectures & looking forward for more lectures on Data Structures,Algorithms, networking, C, C++

Madhu Purra

Automatic Data Processing, Hyderabad

Revisando e ensinando conceitos básicos e avançados com fluência e facilidade.

Carlos Marques Fernandes

Professor TIC, IFPE, Portugal

Great Match for me since I want to understand operating systems thoroughly.This course continues to be thorough.The white board explanations are awesome and the teacher brings clarity to the student.I really appreciate the effort that has been placed in presenting this course.Thanks to the teacher @Vignesh

Raj Kumar Sukhdeo

The lectures are very good. I started with SQL and the concepts to me were not very clear. But this is a solid foundation course for people starting in SQL. I am pretty sure that I would understand SQL better after taking this course. I applaud the teacher for presenting the content in a very simple manner. I hope to see a SQL course soon.

Ashish Tiwari

Masters in Computational Fluid Dynamics

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