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Course Content

Introduction to Operating Systems
Operating System Concepts
CPU Scheduling Algorithms - SJF, SRTF, FCFS
Comparision of FCFS, SJF and SRTF - Advantages and Disadvantages
CPU Scheduling Algorithms - LJF, LRTF, Priority-based, HRRN
Basics of Memory management
Problems on Paging
Multilevel Paging
Multilevel Paging Problems
Page Table Entry
Page Table Entry Problems
Virtual Memory
Average Memory Access Time (AMAT)
Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB)
Problems on TLB
Frame Allocation
Page Replacement Algorithms
Advanced Problems on Page Replacement Algorithms
Critical Section and Non Critical Section
Various Conditions of a Synchronization Mechanism
Lock Synchronization Mechanism
TSL Synchronization Mechanism
Problems on TSL
Strict Alternation Synchronization Mechanism
Disable Interrupts Synchronization Mechanism
Interested Variables Synchronization Mechanism
Peterson Synchronization Mechanism
Problems on Non busy Waiting Synchronization Techniques
Producer Consumer Problem
Binary Semaphores
Problems on Binary Semaphore
Dining Philosopher Problem
Counting Semaphore
Deadlock Handling Methods
Understanding File Access using System Calls
File Allocation Methods - Contiguous Allocation
File Allocation Methods - Linked List Allocation
Size of pointer in a block
Indexed Allocation Method
Free Space Management
Free Space Management using 2 data structures
Basic Disk Scheduling Algorithms - FCFS, SSTF
Popular Disk Scheduling Algorithms - SCAN, C-SCAN, LOOK, C-LOOK
Kernel, System calls, Modes of execution
Fork () system call

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About Me

I am Vignesh, born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, India.

I did Bachelors in Computer Science in the years 2010 -2014 from Velammal Engineering College. I worked for a leading MNC  for some years and in that process, I discovered my passion to teach students. So I resigned my job without having any backup in mind and started teaching students. From the very first month I launched my online course, I never turned back. It has been an unbelievable jouney sofar, training students in the field which I have been living with for the past 10 years. I always enjoyed Computer Science right from high school till today.

Most of my previous students think me as "genius" after attending my 50 hours courses. But the hard fact is I am a very slow learner. I am no where close to be called as genius. But I am a hardworker. I never get satisfied until I get the concepts and the reason behind these concepts. Having taken the hardest path possible to learn the concepts only through my hardwork, I believe I can explain the concepts in the simplest way possible so that even a slow learner like me will be able to understand it. Don't believe me ? I have trained over 20,000+ students in the past year across 125 countries and more than 95% of my students are very happy with my courses. I get appreciation messages everyday from students that they have used my courses to crack interviews, get good marks,get good jobs,etc. And many students of mine got themselves placed in top notch companies like Google, Microsoft,Adobe and they have used my course extensively in their preparation. This gives me immense satisfaction and force me to work even harder. 

I took Operating systems course by tutor vignesh. I really liked his way of explaining the things, all concepts so hard made all clear. Even after months of taking his course I still remember those. All because of the example and questions solved during lectures. Anybody thinking to have a good hold on OS for placements or for academia highly recommended.I am preparing for my job interviews. Taking these courses was very helpful.I am also planning to invest in database courses.

Tina Oberoi

Student, IIT Roorkee , Intern, Microsoft, India

Vignesh has an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and explains everything in an easy and comprehensive way. He is approachable and addresses queries until the resolution has been reached. I have learned a lot from his courses and I want to take his future courses as well. He will be a great asset to the project he aligns too. Thank you Vignesh.

Priyank Jani

Senior Analyst, IT Security, Secureworks, Atlanta, Georgia

The instructor’s peculiarity is the ability to explain complex topics in simple and clear way, repeatedly returning to the already completed material and repeating the main aspects. The instructor’s aim is not to load you with a bunch of new information, he very intuitively dwells on complex topics and sometimes even explains in too much detail. In the case of operating systems, this technique is absolutely justified!

Andrii Loburets

Senior Data Scientist, Altkom Akademia, Poland

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Your purchase comes with a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee – Which means after purchasing the course, if you are not happy, you can get 100% refund in the first 7 days.

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