The Only Course You Would Want To Crack Interview Questions & College Curriculum of Database Systems

52 Hours Course Which Covers Every Concept of Database System Taught in Colleges Without Any Prerequisites

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Who Should Take This Course:

Anybody who is preparing for FAANG Interviews - Database Management Systems is one of the most important subjects.
Anybody who is doing bachelors in Computer Science - Database Management Systems is a mandatory core subject of Computer Science 
Anybody who has bachelors in other streams but want to get started with Computer Science, either for your masters or product based interview jobs
Anybody who wants to be a good developer - Understanding Database Systems comes very handy if you are planning to become a web/app developer, which is covered extensively in this course
Anybody who is preparing GATE Computer science - we cover everything that is necessary for you to crack gate questions on Database Systems 
Anybody who is working in software industry

Prerequisites For This Course:

You absolutely don't need any prerequisites to start this course! Everything is taught from scratch.

Benefits Of Completing This Course:

You will have a complete in-depth understanding of all the concepts of Database Systems taught in your college(bachelors) - so there is no need to memorize any concept.
You will be able to tackle any interview question on Database System as we discuss lots and lots of questions in the course.
You will be able to complete your assignments with ease as we discuss lots of problems which are very similar to your assignment problems.
You will be able to tackle any question related to a competitive exam like GATE as we cover all the concepts with problems.

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