Operating Systems : The Complete Masterclass (46 hours course)
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Introduction to Operating Systems
Operating System Concepts
CPU Scheduling Algorithms - SJF, SRTF, FCFS
Comparision of FCFS, SJF and SRTF - Advantages and Disadvantages
CPU Scheduling Algorithms - LJF, LRTF, Priority-based, HRRN
Basics of Memory management
Problems on Paging
Multilevel Paging
Multilevel Paging Problems
Page Table Entry
Page Table Entry Problems
Virtual Memory
Average Memory Access Time (AMAT)
Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB)
Problems on TLB
Frame Allocation
Page Replacement Algorithms
Advanced Problems on Page Replacement Algorithms
Critical Section and Non Critical Section
Various Conditions of a Synchronization Mechanism
Lock Synchronization Mechanism
TSL Synchronization Mechanism
Problems on TSL
Strict Alternation Synchronization Mechanism
Disable Interrupts Synchronization Mechanism
Interested Variables Synchronization Mechanism
Peterson Synchronization Mechanism
Problems on Non busy Waiting Synchronization Techniques
Producer Consumer Problem
Binary Semaphores
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