Database Management System : The Complete Masterclass (53 hours course)
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Course Content

Basics of ER model
Relationship - Terminologies and Types
Relational Model
Constraints of Relational Model
Keys, Super Keys, Candidate Keys, Primary Keys
Constraints of Relational Model Revisited
More on Finding the Number of Super Keys
Conversion of ER Model to Relational Model
Functional Dependencies
Finding the Keys using Closure Operation
Equivalence and Minimization of FD sets using Closure
Introduction to Decomposition
Problems on Lossless, Attribute Preserving and FD Preserving Decomposition
First Normal Form
Second Normal Form
Third Normal Form
Boyce Codd Normal Form (BCNF)
Operations of Relational Algebra
Problems on Relational Algebra
Table Creation
Constraints in SQL
Referential Trigger Actions
Data Retrieval using SELECT-FROM-WHERE
Aliasing in SQL
Difference between Distinct and All
Pattern Matching in SQL
Concatenation , Between and Order By in SQL
Dealing with NULL values in SQL
Aggregate Functions in SQL
Group By Clause and Having Clause in SQL
Connectives in SQL
Non Correlated Nested Queries in SQL
Correlated Nested queries in SQL
Concurrent Execution vs Serial Execution
States and Properties of a Transaction
Problems due to Concurrent Schedules
Counting Schedules
Schedules based on Recoverability
Schedules based on Serializability : Conflict Serializability
Schedules based on Serializability : View Serializability
Organization of File in the Disk
Organization of Records in a File
Indexing Technique in Databases
Primary Index
Clustering Index
Secondary Index
Multi Level Indexing
Dynamic Multilevel Indexing : Introduction to B Trees
Insertion in B trees
Deletion in B Trees
Dynamic Multilevel Indexing : B+ Trees
Insertion in B+ Trees
Deletion in B+ Trees

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