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A Little About Me

I am Vignesh, born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, India.

I did Bachelors in Computer Science in the years 2010 -2014 from Velammal Engineering College. I worked for a leading MNC  for some years and in that process, I discovered my passion for teaching students. So I resigned from my job without having any backup in mind and started teaching students. From the very first month I launched my online course, I never turned back. It has been an unbelievable journey sofar, training students in the field which I have been living in for the past 10 years. I always enjoyed Computer Science right from high school till today.

Most of my previous students thought of me as "a genius" after attending my 50 hour courses. But the hard fact is, I am a very slow learner. I am no where close to be called a genius. But I am a hardworker. I never get satisfied until I get the concepts and the reason behind these concepts. Having taken the hardest path possible to learn the concepts only through my hard work, I believe I can explain the concepts in the simplest way possible so that even a slow learner like me will be able to understand them. Don't believe me ? I have trained over 20,000+ students in the past year across 125 countries and more than 95% of my students are very happy with my courses. I get appreciation messages everyday from students that they have used my courses to crack interviews, get good marks,get good jobs,etc. And many students of mine got themselves placed in top notch companies like Google, Microsoft,Adobe and they have used my course extensively in their preparation. This gives me immense satisfaction and forces me to work even harder

Highly Recommended for Placement Preparation!

"I took Operating systems course by tutor vignesh. I really liked his way of explaining the things, all concepts so hard made all clear. Even after months of taking his course I still remember those. All because of the example and questions solved during lectures. Anybody thinking to have a good hold on OS for placements or for academia highly recommended.I am preparing for my job interviews. Taking these courses was very helpful.I am also planning to invest in database courses."

Tina Oberoi

Student at IIT Roorkee, Intern at Microsoft

Books wasn't that much helpful!

"I’m going to pursue masters and for that, i have pre-requisites to complete, among them one is operating systems. And I thought I should complete it before joining so that when my semester starts I will get rid of this OS course by simply giving the exam. I started reading some books but wasn’t that much helpful. Though books are great resources for studies but human intersection also plays a vital role. So I stated OS course provided by Vignesh, and after completion of that, I have pretty good understanding on OS. Really Vignesh sir is a great tutor. I appreciated most of the times. Good to learn. One thing I most like of him is that he repeats most of the concepts every time so that we don’t need to go back and have a glimpse of that."

Sathish Ahuja

Assistant Systems Engineer at TCS Nagpur, Planning to Join Masters

Who Should Take Our Courses:

Computer Science Students Want To Crack Coding Interviews Of High Paying "IT Companies"

If you are a Computer Science Student Who Want to get into Product Based Companies, then these courses are a gold for you! 

Software Engineers Looking To Switch To Product Based Companies

If you are a Software Engineers in Service Based Companies, then you need to switch to Product Based Companies very quickly before it becomes too late (To be honest there is nothing like too late, but longer the delay, the more you have to prepare to get into these companies)

People Who Are Planning To (or) Who are Currently Pursuing Masters in Computer Science in USA/UK,ETC

The Education System in countries like USA/UK, etc is so different from the education system in India (let's ignore IIT/IIIT/NIT). If you are from a normal college (Tier-3), then clearing exams is just going through the books for a couple of days. It doesn't require you to understand the concepts. But in these countries, you can crack your exams only if you have a very good understanding of the concepts. Our Courses always focus on making you understand concepts.

Students from other streams (ECE,EEE,etc) Who Want To Crack Coding Interviews of "Top IT Companies"

Yes, you can still get into top companies like Google. It's definitely possible. I have seen/trained many. Sometimes it will be difficult for you to start if you are not comfortable with the basics of Computer Science. Our Courses can definitely help you out as we start everything from scratch.

Was so good, actually i had some classes in the university so i want a good way to remind some concepts and you give all what i want. It is complete course which presents all the basic and relevant topics about operative systems. Also, the exercises done are so clear because are explained step by step. Particularly, I like that everything is explained no matter how simple it is which help to understand more easily

Nicolas Ordonez Chala

Senior Software Engineer, PayU, Bogotá, Colombia

Hi, I'm Lerena Holloway, Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP, Greater New York City Area

"I don’t have a traditional background in CS. Your course helped me get a general overview of what’s happening under the hood. I took a lot of notes from your course. Also, you explained it in such a way that was not intimidating. You have a very relaxed demeanour when you teach, which allows me to relax, too. I was actually soaking in everything! The first few videos introduced turn-around time, etc. along with the CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive and how they relate to each other. I think this was a good start for people who did not completely understand this, like myself. Excellent course! I will be looking out for more!"

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